Nordiskt nätverk för Trädgårdens Arkeologi och Arkeobotanik NTAA Seminarium 2018: Kulturväxter som arv och arkiv

Nordiskt nätverk för Trädgårdens Arkeologi och Arkeobotanik (NTAA), 13.-15.6.2018

This year’s theme focuses on plants, gardens and landscapes as a common heritage, and as a source of information on cultural history. In the seminar, we will discuss the physical and immaterial legacy of old gardens and cultural landscapes, like for example issues related to the value and significance of cultural relict plants, old garden varieties and landraces.

We will study traces of cultivation left in the landscape, and follow the routes of cultural heritage from one area to another. What can be found underground when excavating the remains of gardens and plants, or when surveying the landscape where relicts of past culture still grow? What can plants tell us about people’s lives in the past?

The event venue: Taidetehdas Konsfabriken Borgå

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