The book «Vyborg/ Viipuri, Mon Repos park and surroundings in the works of artists XVI - XIX centuries»

Vyborg castle, 28.02.2018-01.06.2018

The presentation of the exclusive book "Vyborg/Viipuri, Mon Repos park and surroundings in the works of artists of XVI - XIX centuries"/ "Viipuri, Monrepos-puisto ja kaupungin ympäristö kuvataiteessa luvuilla XVI-XIX" by a historian of art and art critic Anastasia Martynova will take place in Vyborg and Saint-Petersburg in April 2018. This monograph includes many names of artists (more 60). The presentation will be duplicated in English for Finnish guests. Scientific novelty of the project comes from the fact that a whole layer of the artistic heritage will be analyzed and published for the first time. In the future, the parallel text of the monograph-catalog in English will allow to make its presentation in Helsinki that can do this work useful for Finnish and Swedish colleagues.

This book is a result of work in archives, museums, libraries, in private collections of Russia and Finland in 2012-2015). In the book you can see stickers with images of paintings and graphics works of Finnish and Russian artists. Some of works were published for the first time.

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