Conference: Cherishing heritage - Quality principles for intervention on cultural heritage

Venice, Italy, 22.-23.11.2018

The Conference ‘Cherishing Heritage’, organised by the European Commission in cooperation with International Council on Monuments and Sites, aims at promoting the public debate on quality principles in EU funded interventions on cultural heritage. It is a key event of the European Year of Cultural Heritage, organised in the framework of the European Initiative n.6 Cherishing Heritage.  

Conference takes place from Thursday 22 November to Friday 23 November 2018 in Auditorium Santa Margherita, Dorsoduro 3689 - 30123 Venice (IT).

Our approach to cultural heritage has shifted rapidly over the last years. There is a growing recognition of the benefits that it brings to our culture, the economy, the environment and the society as a whole. This raises the issue of a delicate balance between achieving qualitative goals on one side and planning and implementing interventions on cultural heritage on the other. Moreover, due to its holistic and cross-cutting nature, encompassing the tangible, intangible and digital dimension, a qualitative approach to cultural heritage can only be achieved through well-orchestrated efforts of all stakeholders: professionals, civil society, communities and authorities in charge of diverse policies, such as culture, environment, tourism, cohesion, research and social inclusion, at both EU and national level.  

What does this new complexity imply when using cultural heritage projects to strengthen economic, social and territorial cohesion? When should you address authenticity in conservation, reconstruction and contemporary interventions in cultural heritage?  How can you avoid wiping away centuries of history and cultural values, in the attempt to give cultural heritage a ‘second life’? How should you ensure that decisions are based on ethical principles, balanced cultural and historical analysis, justified policies for sustainable development and responsible long-term spatial visions? And how should you balance the respect of values attributed by local communities to their cultural heritage over time with contemporary needs and lifestyles?  

A group of experts coordinated by ICOMOS, at the request by the European Commission, is currently reflecting on these quality principles, with a focus on EU funded interventions on cultural heritage

The Conference presents a unique opportunity to discuss the first results of this work, and further promote debate, research and the exchange of good practices on these topics. Panel sessions will address the issue of quality by looking at guiding principles, life cycle, governance and other drivers. 

If you have an interest why don’t you join this important discussion with the EU’s partners?  More information on the programme and the panelists soon on the EYCH website and Facebook & Twitter.

Registration will open soon!