FRH Torch Initiative

Future for Religious Heritage, across Europe, 8.1.-11.10.2018

Inspired by the Olympic Torch of Athens, FRH has launched the “Torch of Heritage and Culture” initiative, to raise awareness and safeguard the importance of Europe’s rich religious heritage. The FRH Torch is a memory treasure box, containing personal letters from prominent members of the international community but also from European citizens themselves. These letters, contributed during an official Torch ceremony held at various events all over Europe, describe personal memories and stories relating to religious heritage.

WHEN? Launched on 8 January in Leeuwarden, The Netherlands, the Torch will travel Europe until 11 October 2018, finishing its journey at the FRH Conference in Paris.

WHERE? The FRH Torch will be hosted at a number of events all over Europe. In order to learn more about its location, discover the route of the Torch.

HOW? The FRH Torch is a treasure box full of personal stories related to religious heritage, from politicians, artists, scientists, European citizens, as well as refugees.

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